What is Eternal Tour?

Let’s read and interpret the world as a sum of movements, implicating body and mind, furthermore in a so-called contemporaneity that seems to allow every possible artistic form and ideological content to exist. But does contemporaneity mean the same for everyone everywhere?

Eternal Tour is an association, which organizes a nomadic festival held every year in a different city: Rome 2008; Neuchâtel 2009; Jerusalem and Ramallah 2010; and Las Vegas 2011. Born in Geneva in 2007, Eternal Tour brings together academics and artists who address issues such as cosmopolitism, tourism, migration, exile, but also creoleness, feminism, taxonomy, practice-based knowledge and empirical thought.

During each festival, including its preparation, the Eternal Tour team interacts with local partners: encounters, exchanges, reflections, research and creations characterize this trans-disciplinary think-tank. Is our world really globalized? What does cosmopolitanism represent in today’s world? Can we still imagine a Weltbürgerschaft, a world citizenship? What are the boundaries or limits – social or physical, material or imaginary – which fragment our spaces and networks? are amongst the issues addressed by Eternal Tourists who position themselves as curious visitors.

2010 Eternal Tour Festival: Jerusalem / Ramallah

After Rome 2008, addressing the Grand Tour, privileged national institutions and urgent migration, after Neuchâtel 2009, questioning systematic classifications and triangular trading, what can be done in Jerusalem, umbilicus mundi nowadays fragmented by territorial, linguistic and patrimonial struggles?

Stone collectors, biker artists, wandering musicians, interactive installations, fanzines to be read, videos to be watched and discussed, concerts to be danced to, local buses for everyday travel and discovering new places and unpredictable situations: strong experiences, feelings and impressions, in joy or sorrow from sunrise to sunset and even at night…

For this edition, in a public space where movements are frequently restricted, Eternal Tour favors flexible forms of performances and interventions, placing the body at the center of its reflection. In order to join diverse interests, audiences and territorial availabilities, Eternal Tour proposes six intensive days from the 5th to the 10th of December: five in Old City Jerusalem and Al-Quds University (Abu Dis) and the last one in Ramallah. Contemporary art and music, alternative guided tours and workshops, texts and collective critical sessions, will compose an intense period of meeting between international (Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, England, Germany and France) and Palestinian artists and researchers. Shortly after the festival, Eternal Tour will publish a book in Europe presenting the association’s research and reflections during the past year. The book is divided into several sections: Idioma, Earth and Sky, Ego / Psycho, Eco. Hydro and Helvetic Narciss.

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