ET festival create a special opportunity to share arts, ideas, concerts and discussions, in Jerusalem and Ramallah this year. On the blog Daphné Bengoa et Dominique Fleury will share some of their views and feelings of the events on everyday's location and with everyday's moods. The blog is a also a public space for sharing ideas or reactions created by the festival so each ones is weclome to leave/give comments!

Daphné Bengoa


The photographic work of Daphne Bengoa comes within the framework of a documentary process. Related directly or indirectly to her Greek and Basque origins, her journeys are a way for her to question the notion of roots and belonging to a culture. She searches for these signs in the daily life, the thread that brings together, sometimes even between two peoples, such as for example the last two current projects made in Armenia and Greece.

Daphne is currently working in Paris, where she performs both the business manager for a Swiss photographer and prepares a publishing project involving a number of her reports as travel notebooks.

Dominique Fleury


Dominique Fleury is a visual artist, she is currently working on the project Once Upon Utopia (Alexandria) which includes a series of films and photographies. She is interested in singular and collective fictions each one creates or deals with personal mythologies we live in.

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