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    Date of birth: May 18 1963

    Place of birth: London

    Nationality: Anglo-swiss

    Marital status: Re-Married, 3 + 3 = 6 children  



    1989 Museology diploma, Fine arts musum of Geneva,

    1985 B.A. in French (Single Honours), Bristol University (G.B)

    1985 11 ‘O’ Levels et 4 ‘A’ Levels, Ursuline Convent-London.



    Since 2009: Freelance marketing for CREAHOLIC AG (Bienne)

    Since 2006: Chairman of the board of Psychostrategy SA (Brent, VD) 

    Since 1986: Curator of the Military Museum and the Chintz Museum of  Castle Colombier (Switzerland)

    1986-2006: Executive secretary for the Swiss Army. Rank: Captain.

    Septembre 2002: Personal Assistant to the President  of the International Federation of Volleyball Dr. Ruben Acosta during  Congress in Buenos Aires.

    1979–1986: Technical assistant in the Imperial War Museum, London: vacations Department of exhibits and firearms. 

    Since 1981: Freelance translation and interpretor work in the following fields: Scientific, historical, military, sociological, psychological, sports.



    1985 Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Bristol University, GB

    1985 Freeman of the City of London

    Agnès Vannouvong
    Ariane Varela Braga
    Aziza Gril-Mariotte
    Ching Lin Pang
    Demis Quadri
    Enrico Natale
    Gilles Forster
    Grégoire Extermann
    Hélène Mock
    Jean-Christophe Blaser
    Joël Vacheron
    Manuela Canabal
    Michel Schlup
    Nadia Radwan
    Patrick Morency
    Raphaël Brunner
    Stefan Schoettke
    Susana S. Martins
    Suzanne Chappaz
    Thomas Boutoux