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    Jean-Jacques Pedretti

    Born in 1958, Jean-Jacques Pedretti is a trombone player, alpenhorn player and composer. A high-level improviser trained at Geneva’s Conservatoire, he participates in many groups who promote research and experimentation. He was soloist for group Schweizer Klang during Hannover’s Universal Expo, collaborated and worked with Erika Stucki for Expo 02 (Switzerland), as well as with Pina Bausch for Wuppertal 03 and 04. His curiosity and desire to discover new loci of communication had him working in theatre with, among others, Christoph Marthaler at Zurich’s Schauspielhaus or Marcella Salivarova-Bideau and Jean-Luc Bideau at Geneva’s Théâtre Saint-Gervais. His discography includes recordings with Erika Stucki, The Roots of Communication, Montreux Jazz and Swiss Movement, Border Meetings, L’invisible Trio, Sufi Moon, and several others. His current work turns towards transdisciplinarity and the possibilities of encounters between literature and music.

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