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    An actress, she comes from the world of puppetry. She teaches theatre with passion since the age of 20, which quickly prompted her to go into directing theatre. And she has always been interested in contemporary forms of the performance. Her research on acting develops the idea of linking non-theatrical, corporal and vocal spaces. She often invites fine artists, video artists, musicians and dancers into her work. Her shows and performances are scheduled at the Grütli, the GRU, at the Théâtre de St-Gervais, at the Galopon, at the Théâtre de l’Usine in Geneva, at the Festival de la Cité and at Arsenic in Lausanne, and at Neuchâtel’s Centre Culturel.

    Adriana Conterio
    Beat Lippert
    Béatrice Leresche
    Casilda Conteuse
    Claire Fontaine
    Coralia Rodriguez
    Dario Escobar
    Davide Cascio
    Deirdre the Bard
    Driss Ouadahi
    Fabienne Vuilleumier
    Franco Rau
    François Jaques
    Hito Steyerl
    Javier Téllez
    Jean Katambayi Mukendi
    Jean-Jacques Pedretti
    Jean-Michel Pancin
    Jihad Darwiche
    Kader Attia
    Les frères Chapuisat
    Marco Berrettini
    Minnette Vári
    Mônica Arpin
    Nicène Kossentini
    Olivier Mosset
    Paola Salerno
    Patrick Mohr
    Philippe Campiche
    Pierre Rosat
    Pierre-Philippe Freymond
    Sammy Baloji
    Sandra Amodio
    Sasha Huber
    Shirley Anne Hofmann
    Sibylle Stœckli
    Stephen J. Shanabrook
    Sylvie Fleury
    Tamar Halperin