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  • Storytelling Night

    Théâtre des Mascarons
    12 Tales told
    The 12th September

    The night of September 12th will be a long one… lovers of legends, anecdotes and wondrous stories are invited to let themselves be enchanted by the tales and myths of the Val-de-Travrs valley, of Libya or Cuba. Eternal Tour choose to celebrate the tale-telling art to recall the traditional assemblies of Neuchâtel’s denizens around their fountains. In a sleeping bag, on a mattress or leaning on a neighbour’s shoulder, one listens, dreams, and is filled with wonder until dawn.


    Radio Night 2

    A project by Denis Schuler 
    fm 88Mhz – E.T. fm’s radio studio
    September 11th 2009
    11pm – 7am
    The Eternal Tour Festival’s second radio night is, like the first, a great musical crossroads. This time the experimentation will be with voice and text. The presence of Anne Baudoux, actress, and Shirley Anne Hofmann, singer/instrumentalist, will create a space for speech to interact with instrumental music (electro, percussion, piano, clarinet and various wind instruments).

    Musée d’Ethnographie de Neuchâtel

    September 5th 2009

    In collaboration with Pro Helvetia, the MEN (Neuchâtel’s Ethnographic Museum) team invites one to a playful stroll through Helvetia Park. An exhibition composed of ten funfair modules, it questions the contact points and the friction between different conceptions of Swiss culture today, notably based on the two poles that are popular culture and erudite culture.

    Vernissage du Can

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Fr.

    Radio Night

    A project by Denis Schuler
    fm 88Mhz – Studio radio E.T.fm
    Théâtre des Mascarons, Môtiers 
    September 6th 2009

    The Eternal Tour festival’s first radio night is conceived of as a long immersion into sound. Four musicians will play for eight consecutive hours, respectively, the clarinet and the flute, electro, percussion and double bass. They will experiment and improvise on their instruments and use sounds captured from the festival’s other events.

    Stroll in the Creux-du-Van

    September 6th  2009
    Of Rousseauist inspiration, this walk is accompanied by four performances that will make the valley resound with traditional songs and tales. Thus, an alpenhorn player, a Scottish bard and two storytellers will improvise along the way or await you at the summit. They invite walkers to rediscover nature and its mysteries. They question tradition: is it an expression of popular roots and belonging to a group, or a strategy to exalt nationalist sentiments? This walk/concert plays with this ambiguity and allows its protagonists to reflect upon their cultural heritage.

    Custom Culture-Run and concert

    A project by Olivier Mosset
    September 13th 2009
     To close the 2009 edition with tyres a-squealing, Eternal Tour proposes a motorcycle run under the aegis of an artist first known on the international scene for his paintings: Olivier Mosset. He has developed an interest for Harley Davidson custom culture – that of Born to Be Wild or Easy Rider – and also collects powerful two-wheeled vehicles, among them Steve McQueen’s motorbike.  


    Caves du Palais, Neuchâtel
    September 3
    rd 3009

    Neuchâtel’s Caves du Palais serve as the Eternal Tour headquarters. A vast disused space, the Caves fill a quadruple function over the next ten days.

    A space open to the public, they are the rallying point for artists and festival-goers alike, to favour exchange and recreation. 

    A modular exhibition space, the Caves shelter various festival installations, among which are those of Kader Attia, Claire Fontaine, François Jaques, Beat Lippert and Paola Salerno.

    A place for parties and concerts, they host several soirees as well as a harpsichord concert on September 9th.

    A place of work, the Caves are also the festival’s office and information centre.  

    Septembre 2009

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