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  • Airbus - Jennifer découvre la vue

    A project by JENNIFER de Carré Rouge Cie
    In a bus, departure and arrival in front of Neuchâtel’s Public and University Library (BPUN)
    September 7th & 8th 2009
    Travel icon, a professional of movement, the flight attendant is the first native a tourist seeking remote horizons meets. A living sculpture, Jennifer isn’t jetlagged but identity-lagged. But there are no planes in the canton: here the performance will take place in a bus. Questioning the codes of representation, our attendants are locked in a closed and moving space. The performance follows them through a catastrophic voyage of errors, doubts and traumas. Funny, forceful and scary, these attendants are also the festival’s cosmopolitan mascots.


    Performance de Marco Berrettini
    September 3rd – 4th 2009
    All begins with a little boy’s dream: the Red Ferrari – famous car associated with German driver Michael Schumacher, living in Nyon. Marco Berrettini, son of Italian immigrants in Germany, tackles his self-portrait through the perspective of this childhood dream. The artist proposes that festival-goers move around by car following his instructions on E.T. fm. Some stops are arranged so as to accomplish specific actions. Finally, the performance will end with a video projection in a place of choice. 

    Septembre 2009

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