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  • Radio Night 2

    A project by Denis Schuler 
    fm 88Mhz – E.T. fm’s radio studio
    September 11th 2009
    11pm – 7am
    The Eternal Tour Festival’s second radio night is, like the first, a great musical crossroads. This time the experimentation will be with voice and text. The presence of Anne Baudoux, actress, and Shirley Anne Hofmann, singer/instrumentalist, will create a space for speech to interact with instrumental music (electro, percussion, piano, clarinet and various wind instruments).

    Rêveries solitaires

    Concert on September 10th at 22h
    Queen Kong Club, case à choc, Neuchâtel

    Canadian-born musician Shirley Anne Hofmann now lives in Neuchâtel. Her specialty? A one-woman band! On stage she’s surrounded by all kinds of instruments like the tuba, euphonium, trumpet, accordion, but also various objects like pipes, a bird call, a megaphone… In this orchestra, melodies and sounds accumulate with her interpretation which she calls avant-garde folk. It is much like a music creation workshop that takes the shape of a concert, but also of a game and solitary reveries.

    The Harmonic Experience

    Solo concert for harpsichord by Tamar Halperin and guests
    Caves du Palais, Neuchâtel
    September 9th 2009
    Soloist and a doctor in musicology, Tamar Halperin will play a trans-chronological repertoire where the 18th, 20th and 21st centuries meet. Rousseau’s love for Italy and Nature is expressed in Galuppi’s music and is confronted with Rameau’s French court music. These ancient works echo a contemporary repertoire that updates questions of tonality, sound and affect. One can hear John Cage, György Ligeti or Karen Tanaka.

    Radio Night

    A project by Denis Schuler
    fm 88Mhz – Studio radio E.T.fm
    Théâtre des Mascarons, Môtiers 
    September 6th 2009

    The Eternal Tour festival’s first radio night is conceived of as a long immersion into sound. Four musicians will play for eight consecutive hours, respectively, the clarinet and the flute, electro, percussion and double bass. They will experiment and improvise on their instruments and use sounds captured from the festival’s other events.

    Septembre 2009

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