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    The festival proposes a publication under the supervision of Donatella Bernardi and Noémie Etienne. The graphic work is provided by rollergirl and editing by Gilles Attinger, Neuchâtel.

    For the project, two types of book will retain our attention: the travel guide and the almanac.
    Travel guides are the inseparable accessory of 17th century Grand Tourists. These guides join practical information on travel commodities or lodging with personal thoughts or analyses on the mores of the lands visited.

    With titles like Le Messager Boiteux, the French-speaking part of Switzerland has been a land of almanacs or other popular journals that group together texts and articles, maxims and drawings.

    Claiming heritage to travel guides and almanacs, the Eternal Tour publication will have two complementary uses: to function as a repository of the festival’s events and to offer several ways to access the thinking that structures the festival.